Sputtersphere 822

The MRC 822 19" spherical sputtering chamber contains a minimum volume which quickly pumps down. The upper portion of the sphere lifts easily for maintenance and target changing. This used system can be refurbished to meet your requirements.


Sequential Sputtering

The MRC Sputtersphere is designed for sequential sputter deposition, bias sputtering, and sputter etching. The turret head assembly consists of three 8" cathodes mounted on the sides of a stainless steel cube which is supported by a chrome plated shaft. Power and water is supplied to the turret cathodes with safety interlocks. Pneumatic actuation positions the turret head to uniformly align the cathodes to have the same relationship to ground.


The entire anode assembly is easily removed with a single clamp for cleaning and maintenance. This stainless steel anode is water cooled and hydraulically positioned to the desired cathode to anode spacing.

Vacuum Loadlock

The substrates sit on a pallet which is placed in and removed from the sputtering chamber via an automatic vacuum loadlock. Its small volume is quickly evacuated or inert gas backfilled for the cooldown or heating cycles. The eight" diameter pallets are available in various metals.