q       Vibration Energy Harvester

§  Micro and Miniature Electromagnetic Types

§  Micro Piezoelectric Type

q       Self-Focusing Acoustic Transducer (SFAT)

§  Liquid Droplet Ejector

§  Micromixer

§  Liquid Driver

§  Acoustic Beam Steerer

§  Acoustic Tweezers

q       Dome Shape Diaphragm Transducer (DSDT)

§  Rate Integrating Gyroscope

§  Micropump

q  Air-Coupled Acoustic Transducers

§  Microphone & Microspeaker

q       Film Bulk Acoustic-Wave Resonator

q  Piezoelectrically Actuated Mirror Array

q  Applications of the Above Transducers

§  Micro and Miniature Power Sources

§  Microfluidic Systems

§  Acoustic Tweezing, Underwater Propulsion

§  On-Demand DNA and Protein Synthesis on Chip

§  Cancer Therapy, Acoustic Neuron Stimulation/Suppression

§  Selective Resonant Mass Sensing, Inertial Sensing

§  Speech Recognition in Noisy Environment

§  GHz Oscillators and Tunable Capacitors

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